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Thread: ISO: Bunko Night Food Ideas

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    ISO: Bunko Night Food Ideas

    Hi all,

    I have just joined a Bunko ladies night with the Moms at my son's school. I have never played or been to a Bunko night before and it's my turn to host in April. I am looking for a great food/drink theme and thought you all might be able to help. It will be after Easter so I don't have to use that but what are some fun ideas that you have done before?



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    I'm thinking you probably just do appetizer dishes, right? If so, Spinach Balls and Brie Kisses are great! They can be made ahead and frozen and then popped into the oven from the freezer. I've made them both and they are both fantastic!
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    You could do a latin/southwest theme, with margaritas (mock or with aclcohol) and CL's spinach artichoke dip with chips and some other finger foods/tapas! that might work...the dip is supurb!

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    My mom does not like to cook much (I love to) and has me cook for her turn in the bunco meeting. They usually eat dinner there. Last year I did:
    -Cruncy Ranch Chicken (got from the Weight Watchers message boards)
    -Roasted Red Skin Potatoes made with olive oil and onion soup mix

    Also did some more appetizer type things:
    -Spinach Dip (I use the recipe off the Knorr Vegetable Soup mix except I actually use the leek mix to make the recipe...I used light mayo/sour cream
    -beer dip (my sisters recipe...cream cheese, ranch dressing, chedder cheese, beer...serve with pretzels)
    -berried treasure pie (graham cracker crust with sweetened cream cheese on the bottom, lemon pudding type filling, cool whip, strawberries)

    This year I think I am going with Barefoot Contessa's Turkey Lasagna, Garlic Herb Rolls, a big salad, and I don't know what yet for appetizers/desserts

    Let me know if you need any of my recipes!

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    Our Bunko group always served dinner prior to playing. Some memorable meals were taco soup, salad and Toll House Pie and enchiladas and that Spanish cake that is soaked in milk (I am going totally blank on the real name).

    Usually dinner is served, we then play and about half way thru have dessert.

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