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Thread: Substitution for whole wheat pastry flour

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    Substitution for whole wheat pastry flour

    I was wanting to make the Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins posted on a member's blog.."desert culinary".

    I have not found whole wheat pastry flour in two of the stores I've checked.

    Is there a way around this?

    Thanks and let me say I'm really looking forward to trying these beautiful looking muffins!

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    Hi Brooke,

    You can use all-purpose flour if you can't find the whole wheat pastry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HealthyinMN View Post
    Hi Brooke,

    You can use all-purpose flour if you can't find the whole wheat pastry.
    Thanks for answering. Tell me exactly what ww pastry flour is. Is it lighter? Should I be able to find it easily?

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    Whole wheat pastry flour is milled from the soft wheat berry....whereas the whole wheat bread flours are milled from a "stronger" hard wheat berry. The soft wheat berry is lower in protein resulting in more tender cakes. Hard wheat flours contain more gluten and protein thus resulting in healthier and lighter breads as the high gluten creates a stronger elastic network to encapsulate the gases caused by yeast resulting in dough's rising properties. The whole wheat berry includes the germ, endosperm and bran outer is a whole food recognized by the body and not denatured like most of the wheat flours on store shelves that have also been bleached and bromated (which studies show sits in the colon and creates PH unbalance). It is even better to use stone ground whole wheat pastry high speed milling as is done by food giants overheats the wheat berry killing it's enzymes and nutrients. Whole wheat flours are produced by Bob's Red Mill and can be found at natural food stores. There are other producers.

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    Wow and thank you for the excellent lesson. I feel really smart now.

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    If I can't find WW pastry flour, I use half regular WW and half all-purpose or white pastry flour. This gives a more tender texture than all regular WW, but still keeps some WW goodness - HTH

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