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Thread: Do You Use Oil in Non-Stick Skillet?

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    Do You Use Oil in Non-Stick Skillet?

    I'm attempting to eat more protein and am eating a one egg/one egg white omelet for breakfast every morning. I'm making it in non-stick pan. I always put about 1 teaspoon of canola oil in pan.

    Can I omit oil? Would omelet stick? I've wanted to experiment just to see what would happen, but thought I'd use the experience of all of you to answer my question.

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    Yes, you'll need to use a little oil (I wipe mine around with a paper towel), but here's what they don't tell you. I was just on the phone with All-Clad last week b/c my 8" skillet wasn't being nonstick any more (coating's in great condition, but eggs stuck badly), and gummy junk was on my griddle down the center, where food doesn't go often. The guy said that oil is such a thin coating, that it cooks onto the nonstick & won't come off with normal cleaning. Cooking spray would be even worse (so thin). Therefore, you need to scrub your pan with baking soda & a little soap every time you clean it, b/c the b'soda will get the cooked-on oil off and will restore your pan, or will keep it OK to begin with. Not a big deal once you know what to do.

    So yes on the oil, but give it a little baking-soda scrub whenever you clean it.

    It took real elbow grease and a plastic pan scraper to scrub (with b'soda) the gummy stripe off my griddle, but it worked!
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    I scramble eggs in my nonstick skillet w/o oil all the time- no problems. But maybe an omelet that you want to hold its shape might require a little oil to release from the pan intact...

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    It depends as sometimes I want the tiniest amount of butter just to flavor an egg.

    Theoretically you don't need oil and have had fine results without any oil at all -- alternatively I do have pure olive oil spray from TJ and will use that -- doesn't seem to have the same destructive tendencies as PAM which uses something else.
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    Eggs should be cooked in butter m'dear, or life isn't worth living. :-)

    That tip about the All-Clad is cool to know, I will have to give it a try. One of my pans is getting pretty old and starting to stick a bit, perhaps I can salvage it.

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    Just an FYI...

    I vaguely recall one consumer report that cautioned home cooks from using any non-stick, teflon coated pan without the use of a "fat" to prevent sticking. Something about the teflon, when heated without fats (oil, butter, shortening..etc.) releasing carcinogens and the potential to harm both humans and pets.
    I would imagine this would apply to high-heat applications and perhaps not to a gently cooked egg, however, I might err on the side of caution.
    I know there are several products from the likes of Pampered Chef and other home-demonstration products, that allow eggs to be cooked in the microwave without the addition of fats. We are partial to the ceramic egg poachers made by Pfaltzgraff. These microwave in about 30 seconds. Overall, I think I would add a small amount of fat just to be cautious. I'd like to think that most of it remains in the pan (so, let me think that, okay?--ignorance really is bliss when it comes to dieting).

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    I use TJ's canola oil spray in my nonstick pan all the time. Yes, it acquires a bit of gunk around the edges, but I just use a tiny bit of Bon Ami (did I say tiny?) with a plastic scrubbie and it comes clean every time.

    My pan is Emerilware 8" skillet made by All Clad. I've used this pan pretty much 5 days a week for DH's egg sandwiches and I've had it since 2001 with no problems. I also have a 10" and a 12". Love these skillets!

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