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Thread: Will figs continue to ripen after picking?

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    Will figs continue to ripen after picking?

    Fig season is in full swing...I am picking a lot more of them this year to give away, as I always feel guilty that so many are get wasted. I always seem to have a trip scheduled on the prime weekend when I could be making jam or something like that.

    It seems like the figs are at maximum sweetness for about 5 minutes before they start to ferment, so it is hard to catch them at the perfect time. I am wondering, however, if they will continue to ripen after they are picked? I usually use/eat/give away right away, so I haven't run this experiment before.


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    I'm going through the same thing. We are about to leave for vacation and the figs need to be picked. I picked a few last week and they ripened even more on my counter. We usually have salads w/ dinner and I toss them in there, but there is no time for jam making .


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    I'm in the midst of reading How to Read a French Fry and the book has this to say:

    "These fruits will soften and develop more complex flavors (though not more sweetness) after picking: apricots, melons, figs, peaches, nectarines, plums and persimmons. Store them at room temperature until they are as ripe as you want them. After that, refrigeration will extend the life of the fruit, though it will mute the flavor."

    The not developing more sweetness part sounds scary but if you think of buying hard peaches at the store and then ripening at home, they can be plenty sweet so you'll probably be fine.

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