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Thread: American Girl Dolls: Bitty Baby vs. Bitty Twins

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    American Girl Dolls: Bitty Baby vs. Bitty Twins

    I know- this is another one of my earth-shattering questions! But, I figured someone here might have some good input for me.

    I want to get DD a Bitty Baby or Bitty Twin for her 2nd birthday. She currently owns no dolls, but is always treating her bears like dolls- feeding them, putting them in her booster seat and "feeding" them, changing their diaper, etc.

    Here is what I am trying to decide...two of my neices have Bitty Baby already, so hers would be the third, and her younger neice would make four of the same exact doll. I would like DD to have something different. Bitty Baby is a baby doll- the Bitty Twins are toddlers, not babies. (My SIL will split the twins with me, so DD would get one, and her younger cousin would have the same one. But- it will not cost me more, and I won't have to have two.)

    Bitty Baby is bald. Bitty Twins have hair (and I think they are way cuter). They are the same size. You can use the accessories interchangably.

    Am I missing the boat by buying a Bitty Twin rather than a Bitty Baby? Would she enjoy the Twin less because it is not a baby?

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    I'm not a good person to give you an opinion on this one because if she was my kid she'd have all three (the pair of twins plus the baby) but I wanted to post a free shipping code I saw on another board - good through 10/22:

    Good luck with your important decision!
    <)>>< Candace ><<)>

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    You know, at that age my girls both loved baby dolls. They loved to feed them and diaper them and "take care of them." While I don't think your daughter would be disappointed at all with a toddler doll, I would probably go with the baby--cause tiny little girls with baby dolls are just too sweet!!

    I'd get her a baby now and move up to a toddler later.

    And you know, there are other baby dolls out there. You could get a less expensive but good quality baby doll for her now and spend the $$ on an American Girl later.
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    OOOHH! Thanks for the free shipping code. I have been looking for one of those for a while.

    Robyn- I think I am going to do similar to what you suggested. My DH said that he thought the Bitty Twin might last her longer (until she wants the American Dolls). I think I am going to buy her a less expensive doll- hopefully the same size, and the Bitty Twin too.

    Thanks for the thoughts...

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