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Thread: Big Green Egg vs. Kamado

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    Big Green Egg vs. Kamado

    I've been researching buying a BGE for my DH, and have even been to a few cooking classes using BGEs. I'd heard of Kamados and even looked at a website about them, but have never talked with anyone that owns one. Have any of you had experience with a Kamado??

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    Hmmm, our BGE *is* a kamado. Not sure of the diff? When we bought it (probably about 15 yrs ago), it was called a 'kamado' but then I saw the same things advertised a few yrs later as BGE's. It does say 'Imperial Kamado' on it.

    We love it. We used to have one of those old fashioned smokers and it took a turkey ALL DAY to cook in it (even tho it came out great). However, the kamado is WAY hotter and can cook a turkey in a couple hours. We mostly use it for 'longer cooking' items, vs. 'normal BBQ items', but I'm sure it would work well for both. Reason why we choose this is it does take a bit longer to tend the fire and get it up to temp properly. Also, we often find it is good to prepare a few meats, rather than just one. We cook our 'main item', then while we are eating dinner, we throw on some chicken breasts or something else. Once the fire gets going, it goes for a long time and it seems wasteful to just let it die out without cooking something else!

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    I'm not sure how typical it is, but I've heard bad stories about Kamados cracking: LINK

    Who knows - the same could be true of BGEs, but I've never heard of it. I don't think you can go wrong with a BGE!

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