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Thread: Does anyone make Kieflies?

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    Does anyone make Kieflies?

    My neighbor's ex-wife used to make these and I asked if he could get the recipe from her sister. Below is the one I was sent. I compared it to several online. The online recipes all use sour cream in the dough, not cream you think it matters really which I use?

    3c. flour
    8oz. cream cheese
    2.5 sticks of butter
    3 eggs
    1tsp. vanilla

    mix cheese ,butter, flour
    add 2 egg yolks, 1 egg white
    mix well
    seperate into pieces small enough to be able to roll out pretty thin


    1lb. chopped walnuts
    3 egg whites
    1c. sugar

    roll dough thin
    cut into about 3or4 inch squares
    put the filling into the center
    roll closed and press down the ends
    brush kiefleas with egg whites before baking

    350x 10-15 minutes

    cover in powered sugar when cooled

    dont eat the whole batch at once
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    My mom used to make these went we were kids many years ago. My mom is now deceased, but as I recall the dough was made with cream cheese.

    I can look for her recipe if you are interested.

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    We make these EVERY year and the dough has cream cheese. We use solo pie filling instead of making our own mixture. Any flavor will work and we make a TON of them, but the almond pie filling is my favorite.

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    AngelaM - I could not find my mother's old recipe.
    Could you post the one you use since I think it would be kinda of special to make a cookie my mother use to make?

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