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Thread: What to serve with Beef Stew

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    What to serve with Beef Stew

    I'm making the Beef stew recipe from CL 1/2006 this weekend. I'm thinking of making a Cornbread casserole/souffle with it. Does this go together????? Should I just get good bread and make egg noodles to go with it instead.

    I'm second guessing myself on the pairing so any opinions welcome!

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    I'd suggest finding a different side dish. To me, it's all very ... warm and mushy.
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    If your stew has potatoes in it (not familiar with the recipe you've mentioned so just going with normal stew ingredients), you won't need noodles or some sort of souffle. Just a nice crusty bread or regular corn bread to sop up the juices will work just fine. Along with a nice crisp green salad.

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    We have beef stew alot in the winter. My favorite comfort food. I always put in potatoes and serve it with a crusty bread. I don't think you need anything else.
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    we usually have beef stew with biscuits or cornbread. sometimes we'll add a crispy green salad but usuallyl we find it satisfying with just the aforementioned items.
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    We love beef stew around here and I always serve it with cornbread and slaw.

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    I'm entertaining with Beef Stew next week. We will have a diverse group of people. The Stew will be loaded with vegetables, including potatoes. I will have a crisp, green salad, veggie tray with 2 different dips as well as whole grain buns and white buns.

    We will be eating a slow meal.....set up buffet style...everyone will eat when they are ready as some people will be a few hours behind time. I am also doing a 7 layer Mexican dip and a Buffalo Chicken Dip.

    Enjoy your company....I am really looking forward to ours!

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    Ditto the yummy crusty bread. I haven't had beef stew with cornbread before so I don't know about that but I may have to try it sometime.

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    I like to make biscuits to have with beef stew. My mom used to always put dumplings on the top of stew, and so biscuits are similar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KAG View Post
    We love beef stew around here and I always serve it with cornbread and slaw.
    Ditto! Love cole slaw with beef stew.

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    I like a gelatin salad with beef stew or pot pies along with a crusty bread. I think the gelatin salad, being on the sweet side adds a nice contrast.
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