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Thread: Substitute for SAVORY?

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    Substitute for SAVORY?

    Hi folks, I am making a dry rub for a beer butt chicken, I am out of savory.....what would you substitute for this spice?? I went to two local grocery stores today and neither one of them had savory! Thanks for your help. Debralynn

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    This is from

    savory Notes: This herb has a strong, peppery flavor, and it's often used in Mediterranean countries to flavor beans, mushrooms, vegetables, and meats. There are two varieties: winter savory and the milder summer savory. Winter savory is best suited to slowly cooked dishes like stews. Substitutes: thyme (stronger flavor) OR thyme + dash of sage or mint
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    Thanks so much, I have thyme and sage and will give that a try. Debralynn

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    Italian Seasoning might work. It has savory, thyme and sage in it. It also contains marjoram, rosemary, oregano and basil which might make it too overpowering for your dish. Just a thought...

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