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Thread: How do I get dog pee out of my tempurpedic?

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    How do I get dog pee out of my tempurpedic?

    I know this is a gross question, but like I stated in my sick dog thread, she peed on my bed last night, how do I clean it?



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    This is from the Tempur-Pedic website.


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    Oh, no. I've been there (cat). I have a regular mattress, but what worked for me was to call a local carpet cleaner that we've used before, with an excellent reputation and a schedule that let the guy come out immediately, before anything really dried. He used a powerful vacuum to suck the living heck out of the mattress, removing the pee, and then cleaned & deodorized the mattress. It turned out fine. I don't know what could have been done if the pee had dried first, though (and I didn't have time to read the info that Gumbeaux kindly posted for your type of mattress).

    Another option, which would be a pain but which might help (even after cleaning), is to drag the mattress outdoors (yeah, loads of fun, I know). When my DS was a toddler, he peed all over a couch cushion. I blotted it as best I could, & then put the cushion into the blazing sunshine (not dappled or protected; I figured I wouldn't care about any bleaching as long as the cushion could be made to smell OK). It worked. The hot sun broke down the urine, I believe, and the cushion smelled fresh and clean after that.

    Good luck. With your sweet dog, too.
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