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Thread: Fresh & Frozen Spinach Equivalents

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    Question Fresh & Frozen Spinach Equivalents

    I have a recipe calling for 10oz box of frozen chopped spinach. Have you had any luck with subbing fresh spinach? If so, what equivalent did you use?

    I've seen varying answers on the web:
    1) use standard bag of fresh spinach for 10oz frozen
    2) use 1 lb of fresh spinach for 5 oz frozen

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    What's the recipe you are using it in? I ask because I made a dip once with fresh spinach (it called for fresh spinach), but after sitting for a while, it turned a dark, almost gray color. Not very appetizing.

    If you're cooking it, like in a pasta dish or something, I would just wing it. I would say your second answer (1# fresh = 5 oz frozen) is probably the closest.
    - Kiran

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    I've seen 1 lb fresh = 5 oz. frozen in a few cookbooks.

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