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Thread: joint pain after tetanus shot?

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    joint pain after tetanus shot?

    Oy, this has not been a fun week.

    I got a tetanus booster on Tuesday in my left arm for a bad cat bite sustained at work. My arm has been mildly sore as expected, but yesterday I developed sudden, significant pain in my left hip. I'm hoping it's just a vaccine reaction, but I know most vaccine reactions happen at the site of injection.

    Has anyone had any kind of reaction like this to a tetanus shot?

    I am going to the doctor today for a follow-up to my hand injury (which is tremendously better today! I can type again!), but it may turn into a hip complaint instead.

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    I did not have any pain when I got a tetanus shot.

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    I remember my arm hurt a LOT (I last had one a few years ago so the memory is fresh) but I don't remember any pain anywhere else. Trying to lift my arm - very painful. But everywhere else was fine!

    Sorry to hear about your cat bite. DH had one last summer when we caught some stray kittens in our back yard... it was no fun. His also got infected..... glad to hear you're feeling better.

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    I had local pain where the shot was administered, but not joint pain.

    Sorry about your bite....I've always admired vets for having no fear of animals...I'm a wussy-girl.
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    Ugh... cat bites are NASTY. I know they come with the territory, but it has to be upsetting for you regardless.

    I do get joint pain from tetanus shots. My shoulder and elbow ached for several days; however, it was localized to the arm where I received the shot.

    Hopefully your doctor can clear things up!
    - Josie

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