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Thread: Waffle Iron with removable plates

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    Waffle Iron with removable plates

    The classic waffles thread made me want to make the waffles, I would prefer to have a regular waffle iron with removable plates. Does anyone know of one that makes regular waffles that the plates can be removed? How reliable is it and how long will it last?
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    Black and Decker one-

    I've had it for many years. The plates come out and reverse for griddles. It makes traditional waffles, nothing fancy.

    I wish I could crank out waffles faster, though - feeding our family waffles involves about an hour of making waffles and storing them in the warm oven, because I like to eat together! I'd be so dismayed if everyone ate while I was still cooking them - I'd be eating them alone!

    I use my heart waffler at the same time, and that helps with doubling the qty. Does anyone else have any other solutions for feeding the masses?

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    I thought I wanted one with removable plates, but just another idea for you to consider . . . when I got my VillaWare, I found out how easy it was to clean. Never gets dirty, really. Now Cuisinart, that's another matter (not a good waffler, IMO)--if you find a VillaWare, you may want to buy it if you can't find a waffler with removable plates.

    Regarding feeding the masses: I have three wafflers (gotta love closeout sales); if I want to, I can have all three going at once, but I rarely do it that way. My VillaWare Farmhouse waffler, though, makes 4 big Belgian waffles, which can keep 2-4 people going for a little while. Or, I make them & stack them on a cooling grid (no double stacking if you want them to stay crispy on the outside) in a warm (170) oven, & call everyone when I'm on my last or 2nd-to-last batch. It doesn't take long. That option works great for my smaller wafflers: a VillaWare 6-heart non-Belgian, and a Pooh/Tigger one.
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    My VillaWare has removable plates. It also comes with another set of plates which are flat, and another one ridged, like a grill. It makes 4 Belgian at the time. No complaints!!

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    My villaware has 3 plates (removable). Waffles, pizelles and one for sandwiches.

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    I have a Villaware with removable plates that makes Belgian waffles and was going to suggest looking for one for regular waffles. I really like it. Mine has grill and griddle plates. If it had the pizzelle, I could have saved some money and space because I also have the pizzelle iron in 2 different sizes. Hmmm...

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    My Black and Decker is 25+ years old and it works like a champ! DH had bought a new one for me one Christmas...used it once and went back to the B&D!
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    I already have a belgian waffle maker, I should of mentioned that in my OP. I will have to look for the villaware ones with the removable plates, Thank you.
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