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Thread: Can I Make Fresh Pasta in Advance

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    Can I Make Fresh Pasta in Advance

    I'm planning on making fresh pasta for dinner tonight...but I don't want to make it at the last minute as I'm preparing the sauce. Can I make it a couple of hours in advance? Or, will it be dried out by the time I want to put it in the water? TIA!

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    One of my books on pasta says:

    It's best to cook them right away. If not to be cooked immediately, you can allow noodles to dry until leathery but flexible (time will vary according to temperature and humidity). Then transfer noodles to airtight containers or plastic bags and refrigerate for as long as 2 days or freeze up to 2 months. Do not thaw frozen noodles before cooking.

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    I have made fresh pasta a few hours before cooking with no problems. I make sure that the pasta is laid out on cotton towels with plenty of flour. Every now and then toss the pasta with your hands and add more flour to keep from sticking.

    If ravioli or gnocchi are made ahead, then i would fast freeze on cookie sheets and bag them until you are ready to cook them.

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    I make egg noodles (Joy of Cooking). I roll the dough into thin, flat sheets, hang over a couple clean lines or place on a large array of cookie racks (missing the name, but the metal racks used to cool cookies, cakes, etc.) and leave sit for a few hours until firmed up. I then roll and slice and unroll and toss in a large bowl and turn the mass occasionally by hand until ready to start cooking. I usually double the recipe and freeze half after they are sliced.

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