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Thread: Wash Packaged Salad Greens???

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    Wash Packaged Salad Greens???

    Do you wash your packaged salad greens?

    All the name-brand greens say pre-washed, but are they handled by workers between their washings and the packaging?

    DW thinks she may be allergic to sulfites and asked me to wash the greens to eliminate any sulfites that may be used. I don't see sulfites listed on the package so don't know if they are there. Does anyone know?


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    I only buy organic greens and do not wash before consuming. I think if sulfites are used it has to say on the labeling.
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    Count me in as one who also doesn't wash before consuming. Like Sneezles, I buy the organic mixed greens.
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    I wash everything even if it's organic.
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    it IS a difficult decision

    I buy fresh romaine from the grocery store each week -- I wash each leaf before draining and wrapping in a clean large white cotton dish towel and storing in a large zip-lock. I do this for economics as well as the "off" flavor I detect in pre-packaged greens. Is it sulfites? I don't know, but it just doesn't taste "right" to me.

    The other main componant of our nightly green salad is spinach. When it's not growing season here, therefore I cannot buy fresh from the farmer's market, I have typically purchased those large bags of baby spinach from Sam's. For a long time they were "Newman's Own" and were marked "organic, triple washed, ready to eat". However, recently Sam's has begun carrying a different organic baby spinach product that says it should be washed before consuming. Well, I bought this product twice before giving up because once I washed it and wrapped it in the towel and bagged it (just like the romaine and farmer's market spinach) it lasted about TWO days before getting slimy and gross I can't afford to throw away that much. I did buy prewashed, bagged spinach from the grocery store a time or two, but we're big salad eaters and it was just not economical. So when necessary I buy fresh from the grocery store and wash it myself -- it's not as wonderfully flavorful as the homegrown from the local farmer's market, but it's a close second.

    I don't know if this answers your question. Condense it to say that handwashed and wrapped properly both romaine and spinach last at least a week -- hope this helps.

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