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Thread: Black-eyed Peas and Crockpots

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    Question Black-eyed Peas and Crockpots

    I have seen many many thoughts on this question..

    If one is putting black eyed peas in a crockpot for 8 hours on low...Does one need to soak them ahead of time..???
    I have read recipes that call for it both ways...But it seems as if they would be mush if you soaked them ahead of time.
    Please try to respond by New Years Day!


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    Black-eyed peas do cook very easily and do not require to be pre-soaked. I have also cooked dried chickpeas in a slow cooker without much soaking - you can also buy frozen par-cooked black-eyed peas if you are rushed for time.

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    I never soak black eyed peas-otherwise, they turn to a puree.

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