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Thread: Kid/family friendly freezer meals?

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    Kid/family friendly freezer meals?

    I'm making and freezing food for the first few weeks after I have baby #2 in a few weeks. So far I made and froze:
    meatloaf (CL's Homestyle Meatloaf)
    sloppy joes
    taco meat

    I am looking for some other ideas of good meals to freeze that I can just pop out, heat, and eat. I have a husband and a picky 2 1/2 year old to feed. Thanks!

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    -all of the italian favorites freeze pretty well 9ziti, stuffed shells, lasagna, marinara sauce, etc)
    -chicken and rice casserole with veggies
    -king ranch chicken
    -soup - soups are easy and good!

    congrats on baby #2 and i wish you luck in the freezer stocking quest!
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    CL's All American Chili (or any chili you like) is great to freeze. When I was pregnant I also made the BBQ Chicken Potpie and froze a few.

    You can also take raw cuts of meat and put them in marinade, then freeze them. You can thaw them overnight, then just grill or broil, since they're already marinated.
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    Maybe some breakfast/snack things too ---- muffins, banana bread etc. I always read that moms like something easy to eat while caring for the newborn. Some bread so you can make quick sandwiches.

    I like to freeze cooked boneless skinless chicken -- that way I can easily toss in a salad, make chicken salad, add to soups etc.

    If your family likes rice, perhaps cook some rice and freeze in small portions.


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    We've grilled hamburgers and frozen the leftover patties as well as most (all) of the above, spaghetti sauce, meatballs, chili, chicken or turkey tetrazini, and enchiladas.

    Another thing we do is take a flank steak, rub it with a dry spice rub, put it in a large freezer bag and freeze it. You can thaw it overnight in the fridge or in a pinch under cold running water (still sealed in the bag). Once thawed, it's ready to throw on the grill or cook however you normally would.

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    In addition to what the PPs have mentioned:

    mashed potatoes (the texture is a little different when you reheat, but good enough for post partum!)
    baked beans
    cooked, shredded chicken for use in other things (a quick chicken quesadilla, chicken and rice, barbecue chicken sandwiches, etc)

    If you do any crockpot meals, you can stock up on those ingredients so you can just throw stuff in the crockpot in the morning and not have to worry about it. (Although don't do what I did and, bleary-eyed after the 3 am feeding, put the pork chops and saurkraut in the crockpot or else your dinner will be ready to eat at about 10 am!)

    I also made sure I was well stocked in things like frozen veggies, frozen cooked beans (or canned beans if you prefer), applesauce, etc. Many times you have the main dish taken care of but nothing to go with it. There were many times when I defrosted a nice batch of chili from the freezer and all we had to go with it was Enlgish muffins or something. Not your traditional pairing, but you do what you gotta do!

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    I found this recipe that seemed a little different, but still healthy and kid friendly:

    I add some chicken sausage to it.

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    Twice-baked potatoes taste great out of the freezer as well and make a great non-pasta lunch!

    When I've done pastas for the freezer, I do one recipe for lasagna into 3 loaf pans so nobody is cursed with eating the leftovers on a 9x13. I also try hard to portion out the other types of freezer casseroles too - 9x13 recipes generally make 2 very happy 8x8 pans. People mean well when they give you a whole pan, but when you do it yourself, it's nice to not dread leftovers.
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    What we do also is make a big pot of Stew, freezes great and we make small portions with the little tins from the grocery store and top them with pie crust and freeze...your own little pot pies! We have to mark on the top of the foil what they are because make them with just about any left over soup so sometimes it is a grab bag if we forgot to mark them

    Also Chili freezes great
    I cook a pound of bacon at a time and freeze the rest for a quick breakfast supper or BLT sandwich

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