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Thread: Microwave vs. Toaster/Convection Oven

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    Microwave vs. Toaster/Convection Oven

    Ok...I have a microwave and a vertical little toaster, but what I really always wanted was a toaster oven. I really can not have both, as I would not have enough counter space. And I can not hang one from a cabinet or something because I live in rent and I just can't mess with the cabinets anyway.

    We currently use the microwave for:
    • Reheating food
    • Zapping ice cream (I can live without doing that!)
    • DH makes bacon in it

    What I want a toaster oven for:
    • Baking in the summer (it's my understanding they don't get too hot like a regular that true?)
    • Toasting bread

    I saw a convection oven/toaster/rotisserie on sale that is large enough for a 10lb turkey, and even though I do not eat meat, it seems to be large enough for baking! So my question is....DH is the one who mostly uses the microwave for bacon, and I use it to reheat leftovers. This particular oven I saw on sale mentions it can be used for reheating/keeping warm.

    I understand I can not use plastic in there, but would I be able to use a dish marked "safe for oven use" and pyrex?

    Can you guys help me figure out the pros and cons of each and if I should stick with the microwave or get the oven?

    Thank you all!

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    Get the toaster oven. Dh can bake his bacon ... 400 degrees for about 15 minutes. The toaster oven gets hot, but doesn't heat up a kitchen like an oven does. I was without a kitchen for a year while we remodeled. Had a microwave and toaster oven. The microwave was great for popping corn and cooking frozen dinners, but the toaster oven took care of everything else ... baking bread, roasting veggies & chicken, toasting English muffins, etc. If I had to choose between the two the toaster oven would win hands down.

    And yes, you can use dishes marked "safe for oven use" and Pyrex.
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    I've seen microwave/convection oven combos recently, at both Sam's Club and Costco. The best of both worlds in one cabinet?

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    I have a DeLonghi toaster/convection/conventional with a rotisserie and if I had to choose between it and the microwave I'd go with the DeLonghi in a heartbeat. Gave DS#1 one for Christmas last year after his little toaster oven died.

    I've done a bit of searching but it appears the model is no longer available but DeLonghi is a great brand.
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    I think one has to examine one's cooking habits. I also have limited counter space.

    I couldn't live without my microwave -- use it for cooking single portion stuff I have frozen; steaming veggies, melting chocolate -- popcorn. I probably use it at least once a day.

    I have a toaster oven which I stick away and haul out occasionally just like I haul out my large Cuisinart occasionally.

    Sometimes you can think outside the box in terms of storage as I have rarely used items stashed outside the kitchen -- really depends on one's day to day usage.
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    I honestly couldn't live without either. We don't 'cook' in the microwave, but we use it daily. It cooks frozen veggies, reheats coffee, softens butter for cookies, heats up sauces, etc. I also am extremely fastidious (aka: anal ) about hot food. I will get up during dinner at least once and nuke my plate.

    My Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven is about six or seven years old and it also gets used daily. During the summer it's the main oven I use since it's only the two of us. I roast veggies, bake rolls, make small pizzas, and the convection feature is a terrific way to crisp chicken tenders, egg rolls and bake potatoes with crispy skin.

    I also have space issues and couldn't justify too many appliances. DH gave up the toaster so we could buy the Toaster Oven. He toasts his bread, english muffins and bagels in it daily! If you can lose the toaster that might make room!
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    Thank you, ladies...I really appreciate your input.

    I would be fine without a microwave, it's just my hubby I worry about. He likes to microwave his ice cream!

    Maybe I will follow Blaze's suggestion and stick the microwave in a different room. After all, I have 2 extra bedrooms that don't get used.

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    I use my small toaster oven and microwave constantly. I don't even own a regular toaster. Last summer I was on vacation at a cottage that had a brand new convection/toaster oven. It was quite large and had all the bells and whistles on it. I have to say it was totally useless for making toast. After nearly 5 minutes I had to take bread out of the convection/toaster oven and put them in a regular toaster.

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