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Thread: Birthday gift for 8-year-old boy?

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    Birthday gift for 8-year-old boy?

    We are headed to Tucson on Sunday for my nephew's 8th b-day party. Any gift suggestions for a boy that age would be much appreciated.

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    Eva -

    I just bought this really great book for the weeone and I think I'm going to order like a dozen and have it be my standard bday gift for a while. It's called "101 Places You Gotta See Before You're 12!" By Joanne O'Sullivan. Each page is something you should visit and a paragraph or two about what it is, why you should see, and what you'll get out of it. It's places that most people can find in their own community, but challenge kids to look at and visit and experience different things. Some of the suggestions are things like an antique bookstore, a waterfall, a big cave, a hall of fame museum, an old folks home, a repair shop, a folk or junk art creation, an unusual museum, a school that's different from yours, etc.

    It comes with stickers to mark the "must do's" and "have done's", but I think it's a very cool book.....but I am a geek, so keep that in mind!!!
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    Another book suggestion

    The Dangerous Book for Boys

    Grade 4-8–Intentionally old-fashioned and politically incorrect, this eclectic collection addresses the undeniable boy-appeal of certain facts and activities. Dozens of short chapters, in fairly random order, cover a wide range of topics in conversational prose. Simple instructions for coin tricks and paper airplanes alternate with excerpts from history such as Famous Battles and facts about ancient wonders of the world and astronomy. The dangerous aspect is more apparent in such chapters as Making Cloth Fireproof, and Hunting and Cooking a Rabbit, but also applies to the overall premise that action is fun and can be worth the risks. A section on stickball, for instance, includes advice to possibly flee the vicinity in the event of a broken window. The information is appropriately concise. The knot-tying section, for example, sticks to five basic varieties with clear instructions and useful diagrams. Occasional topics such as Marbling Paper and Latin Phrases Every Boy Should Know may not fit the stereotypical interests of young males, but support the general theme of cultivating curiosity. The authors refer to their own experiences as they tested the activities, lending an appealing personal tone. Tongue-in-cheek humor emerges throughout, notably in eight bits of advice offered in the chapter called Girls

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    My DS loved the book The Dangerous Book for Boys.

    My boys also loved at of the Spygear stuff at that age too.

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    My son's 9th birthday is coming up and I asked him for some things he would want for his birthday...
    Nerf gun
    Havoc Heli remote control helicopter
    clothes w/his favorite sports team
    LEGOS set

    Favorite things he already has:
    hippety hop
    army men
    remote control monster truck
    Blokus board game (good for a family of 4)
    Uno Attack
    Break the Safe board game (this one is neat because everyone works together as a team to beat the clock)

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    Not sure if you've shopped yet, Aggie, but I thought I'd mention this. I have two boys, ages 7 and 9. They love, love, love this lazer tag set. But it only works if your nephew has someone to play with. Dh and I even enjoy playing.

    I would second the legos, books, Blokus and Uno recommendations too. Happy shopping!

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    I saw a really cool pair of night vision goggles recently and think that they would be a cool gift for an eight-year old boy. I also remember seeing this Eyeclops at Costco last year around Christmas time and thinking that it would be a cool gift for my nephews (but it was too big to fit in our luggage). Lego also has some great sets to build things with if he is into that kind of thing.
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    Thanks for all the great suggestions! We'll pick something up tomorrow.

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