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Thread: Any way to get rid of that freezer taste/smell?

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    Any way to get rid of that freezer taste/smell?

    I'm not sure why, but my freezer has that freezer taste/smell to it and I can't get rid of it. I have a box of baking soda as well as another Arm & Hammer fridge/freezer product (kind of looks like one of those stick-up deodorizers). I got rid of all of the ice that was there from the ice maker and changed the water filter. All to no avail.

    Any tricks to get rid of that yuck smell?? Thanks!

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    Do you think you might have freezer burnt food in there? That's the only thing I can think of that would make it smell bad. It might be worth a freezer cleanout.

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    A lot of refrigerators get their cold air from the freezer side through a vent. Bad odors from the refrigerator side could be making the freezer smell bad.

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    Hmmm, I don't think there is any freezer burnt food. But, I guess it wouldn't hurt anything to take a look. And, I do have the same baking soda box/stick-up type thing in the fridge and nothing in there tastes/smells bad. Well, hmmm. Maybe I just need to give it a thorough cleaning.

    Thanks for the help!!

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    I wonder if the bags/wraps/containers in your freezer are holding the odor?

    I just removed a ziploc brand bag containing spices from my freezer the other day. I've been using the same bag for a few years and adding new spices as I bought them. I figured it still sealed, so why not? But I noticed a very strong freezer smell, so I pitched the bag and put my spices in something else.

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