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Thread: Freezer-safe containers for homemade ice cream

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    Freezer-safe containers for homemade ice cream

    When you make ice cream at home what type of freezer-safe container do you transfer the ice cream into after it's done its thin in the freezing container?

    Last summer I started making ice cream at home. Everything seemed to turn out o.k., but never quite the ice cream consistency I hoped for. I wonder if part of it had to do with the freezer-safe container I was using. I didn't really know what to put the icre cream, so I just put it in a square Pyrex dish because I knew that was freezer-safe. I have the ice cream bowl and attachments from Kitchen Aid and I typically make CL ice cream recipes. I don't have the old-fashioned churner or anything like that.

    It's been quite some time since I've been on the boards. Hope everyone is doing well and having a good spring!

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    i used to use a great Tupperware container, but it's dead and gone... so now it's whatever i have that has a tight-fitting lid. especially a nice plastic ice cream container from a local ice cream place that sells hand-packed quarts.
    i'll be watching this thread for good ideas...

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    Maybe that's what I've been missing- a container that has a tight-fitting lid. I usually just put in a Pyrex and then cover with plastic wrap or aluminum.

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    I use a 1.5 quart tupperware (I have maybe a dozen of them for this purpose)--is just the right size for me. Only thing is if you drop them taknig them out of the freezer, they're really brittle and they'll shatter.

    You do realize, though, that homemade ice cream really is a different texture than commercial (even hagendaaz or B&Js)? It's much more dense and hard, doesn't stay soft and creamy like commercial ice creams. But it's simple enough to take it out of the freezer 10-15 mins beforehand to let it soften up.
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    I use a qt tupperware microwave container.

    I agree, just plastic or foil wouldn't offer much protection for your ice cream.

    We bought a bunch of those really small Glad containers (1/2 cup) and use those for individual portions. Great controls that way too.
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