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Thread: How to cook a boneless, skinless turkey breast?

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    How to cook a boneless, skinless turkey breast?

    Well, my plan to keep the entree simple this T'giving is backfiring. I had decided to just pick up a couple of turkey breast halves (with bones and skin) at my neighborhood market, and stick them in the crockpot (after rubbing with herb butter and letting sit overnight). It's just going to be us and my BIL and nobody's crazy about turkey anyway. Unfortunately, when I stopped at the market today, they had none of the nice breast halves they usually have. Instead, they had a bunch of other turkey parts and boneless, skinless turkey breast halves. So I bought a couple of those and a 2 packs of turkey thighs, and now I need to figure out what to do with them! I could do the thighs in the crockpot, but if I add the breast, it would be totally dried out by the time the thighs were done, right? Doing them separately defeats the purpose of keeping it simple. And I don't know how to keep a turkey breast with no bones or skin from drying out anyway. But it seems a little odd to just serve thighs for some reason. We will also have a (very) small ham.

    Any suggestions?

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    I would pound out the turkey breasts, cover with a layer of stuffing of your choice, roll up and tie, roast in oven. Easy, yummy!

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    I used to cook the boneless breasts without skin in tinfoil (or sub parchment paper) in a liquid marinade sauce with wine, spices and herbs - whatever I felt like at the moment. I would seal and cook for about 45 minutes - cooking time varied by size and the result was always moist and flavorful.

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    Freeze the breast meat and once frozen, put it in the crockpot with the thawed out thighs. The thighs will only need around 4 hours and the breasts should be done in about the same amount of time. Mabel Hoffman, the queen of slow cooker cooking, has recommended this method for years.
    I also suggest putting the breast meat under the thighs so the juices from the thighs and other items in the crock pot will help to keep the breast meat moist.

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    I always just cook those like I would any chicken breast. As long as you don't overcook they won't dry out.

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    SDCook56...this is an interesting idea. Do you think the thighs will still take only 4 hrs if they are sitting on frozen breasts?

    Thanks, all! These are great ideas.

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    If not right at 4 hours, should be perilously close. Maybe 5, tops.

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