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Thread: Cutting Veggies Ahead of Time Question

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    Cutting Veggies Ahead of Time Question

    Normally when I cut my veggies ahead of time I put them in water in the fridge until the next day. Since I am going to roast these veggies tomorrow I am wondering if putting them in water will work.

    I'm going to roast carrots, parsnips, cauliflower, and sweet potatoes. I want to do the prep work tonight. What's the best way to store these veggies until I roast them tomorrow?

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    Salt, I'm doing the same thing tonight w/Brussels sprouts & sweet taters. I'm wrapping in plastic wrap with maybe a damp towel over top. That's the way I usually do ahead, don't want waterlogged veggies for roasting.
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    I have my shredded sprouts in a zip lock bag (actually 2 zip lock bags) with part of the zip unzipped for air. The same with my green beans that I've already snapped the ends off of.

    I just took the potatoes out of the oven and will put them in the fridge when they cool. I'll reheat them while the turkey is resting.


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    I usually chop the vegetables I use in dressing/stuffing the night before and never had a problem with just dumping them in canning jars in the fridge.

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