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Thread: Creative minds: Help w/ name for our Dirty Girl Mud Run Team

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    Creative minds: Help w/ name for our Dirty Girl Mud Run Team

    I am in the process of creating a team of co-workers for the Dirty Girl Mud Run in my area in September. We're trying to come up with a creative name, but we're a bunch of science heads and are finding it difficult.

    The run is an (almost) all female mud run. It is supporting a breast cancer charity.

    We are a group of pharmacists/pharmacy interns who work together at a Children's hospital. We range in age from college kids to mid 50s. A fairly fun group who range in athletic ability of none (me) to the 55 year old who does ironmans.

    Any ideas?


    mary jo

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    How about something like "Down and Dirty" or "The Mad Mudders" or maybe "The Mud Daubers"? If you could be sure of having exactly 12 participants you could be "The Dirty Dozen".

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    I think you should play up the pharmacy connection and call yourselves something like "Rx: MUD". I'll keep thinking but I think that name would make for a cute T-shirt!!

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