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Thread: substitute for madeira wine?

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    substitute for madeira wine?

    I want to make a CL recipe that is mushroom stuffed chicken breasts with madeira wine. I have marsala and other wines, not madeira. Any suggestions?
    thanks, Nancy

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    Marsala or dry Sherry would work!

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    Pronunciation: mah-DEER-uh Notes: This fortified wine is named for its birthplace, an island off the coast of Africa. Madeira wines first became popular back in the days of cross-Atlantic sailing ships, because they were able to survive long, hot trips in rolling ships. And they didn't just survive, they actually improved, so much so that sending them off on long round-trip sea voyages eventually became an integral part of their production, though the practice has since been abandoned. Madeiras are used both for cooking, and as after-dinner drinks. Varieties of Madeira (in order from driest to sweetest) include the Sercial Madeira, Rainwater Madeira, Verdelho Madeira, Bual Madeira = Boal Madeira, and Malvasia Madeira = Malmsey Madeira. "Reserve" Madeiras are aged at least five years, "special reserve" for at least ten, and "extra reserve" for at least fifteen. Madeiras from Portugal are considered to be far superior to domestic brands. Once opened, Madeira should be consumed within a week or so and stored in the refrigerator. Substitutes: port (especially a dry port) OR Marsala OR dry vermouth OR sherry (especially a dry sherry) OR stock (Either beef or chicken stock works well in meat-based sauces.)

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