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Thread: Question about cod

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    Question about cod

    Is cod a smelly fish?

    I bought some at Costco 2 weekends ago on a Saturday. Plans changed and I tossed it in the freezer that Sunday, which was a couple of days before its sell by date. I did notice the car smelled a little fishy on the way home.

    Everytime I open the freezer, all I can smell is fish now. Is it a particulary smelly fish? It doesn't smell bad, just smells like fish. Hoping it doesn't mean it is bad ... but it is frozen.

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    Cod is not a smelly fish. Fresh fish doesn't smell so you would notice it driving home from the store and certainly not stink up your freezer.
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    Cod should definitely not smell and no fresh fish should smell "fishy". Fresh fish should smell delightfully of the sea.

    I would take the fish back to Costco and return it.

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    If you bought it fresh and let it sit for a day or two in the fridge, and then froze would smell. Fish goes off quickly.
    I had to laugh when our neighbor, whom DH goes fishing with, complained about the "pinks" as being inferior. Then I heard what he did with them when they catch them....

    I have had fish that smelled strongly directly from the store and I always wonder what happened...once, I actually cooked it up and ate it and it was fine, but the smell was very unpleasant (pre-learning about fish)...

    If it is from costco, you can easily take it back. They are wonderful about customer service.
    I will say that I have had some of the oilier fish (though cod is not nearly as oily as sable fish or salmon, but still on the oily side) have a scent. Not everyone can get uber-fresh fish and noone can know what happens on a boat when it is caught/flash frozen. If you bought yours fresh from Costco, you have no idea how long it was there.

    When I lived in WI, the fish people hated me. Here they thought they were doing this great thing offering "fresh" fish and I always asked.."do you have any of that still frozen?" I still do it!!
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    I have bought cod from Whole Foods before when it seemed to be very fresh, and yet it did have kind of a fishy smell to it. Just had it happen last week when I made fish tacos. We went ahead and used it anyway, and the tacos were amazing and the fish tasted VERY fresh, so I'm not sure why it seems to have more of a scent than other fish. Not sure if that is necessarily how it is supposed to be, but we have lived to tell about it.

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    Thanks everyone. If Costco truly has good customer service, then I will try taking it back. It just smells too fishy when I open the freezer door and I've never had fish smell like that before. Less than fresh w as my first guess.

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    I agree with the 'take it back' comments. We freeze a lot of salmon and halibut and lesser amounts of cod, rockfish, and other species every year and our freezer never smells fishy. Smelly fish does not sound good.

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