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Thread: Substitutions for Cotija Cheese

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    Question Substitutions for Cotija Cheese

    Does anyone know what I could substitute for this cheese. The recipe says you can substitute feta, but I can't have that as its unpasturized and I'm pregnant.

    The recipe is for a stacked enchilada casserole made in a 9 or 10" spring form pan.
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    Here's from Cook's Thesaurus:

    "cotija = queso anejado Notes: This is a sharp, salty white grating cheese that softens but doesn't melt when heated. Cacique is a well-known brand. Look for it in Hispanic markets. Substitutes: Parmesan OR Romano OR anejo cheese OR feta cheese OR nutritional yeast (This substitution works best if recipe calls for cheese to be sprinkled over a dish. Nutritional yeast is low in fat, high in protein and B vitamins, and it's not made with any animal products.)"

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    We LOVE Asiago in mexican recipes!

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    Bosunswife, Would you mind posting your stacked enchalida casserole?????? TIA

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