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Thread: Costco: Good Buys on Olive Oil/Balsamic Vinegar??

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    Costco: Good Buys on Olive Oil/Balsamic Vinegar??

    Does anybody buy their olive oil at Costco? While I was there yesterday, I just whizzed right by it, thinking I had a full bottle at home. I was wrong! Please let me know if you get yours at Costco, and which brand you prefer.

    Also, along these same lines...has anyone tried the Kirkland brand balsamic vinegar? If so, what did you think?


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    I have the Kirkland brand balsamic vinegar and it tastes just fine.

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    I do buy "Bertolli" olive oil at Costco, and it's the only place I can find it at such a deal. It's about $9 to $11 for 68 fluid oz. (2 liters). It's the only place I buy it.

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    I buy both the Kirkland olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I prefer them over the Bertolli myself; especially the vinegar.

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    I've tried alot of balsamic vinegars, and finally succumbed and tried an expensive bottle from Dean & Deluca. I found they're like wines, a $20 bottle will taste alot better than a $5 bottle. And by comparison, the grocery store versions do taste like $5 bottles of wine. Its amazing the difference.

    But on the thrifty scale, Whole Foods carries good store-brand lines of both balsamic vinegar and olive oil.


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    I buy Consorzio roasted garlic olive oil from Costco. It's great in a lot of things. However, if you ever break a bottle in your basement and have a flood of highly aromatic oil....(yes, a disaster that my helpful daughter accidently caused...), try a squeegie/wads of paper towel approach, and then cover the whole spot with a thick layer of baking soda (also purchased in bulk from Costco). After a few days, the garlic smell was totally gone. What a relief! Now I have to just replace the bottle of oil, and not store it in the basement pantry ever again.

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    I LOVE the Kirkland brand aged balsamic vinegar!

    In fact, I like it so much, that I bought 2 large bottles the last time I was at Costco. They don't sell it year round, not unlike certain wines which are only available in late winter/early spring, so I try to stock up a little. It is far superior to grocery store grade balsamics, in my opinion. And the price is very good. To me, it tastes better than some balsamics that I have bought that cost twice as much. I also always buy my olive oil at Costco.

    I also buy the large jug of Bertolli extra virgin olive oil. It has a nice deep green color and an intense peppery flavor. I store it in my cool, dark pantry in my cellar and just fill a small bottle to keep in my kitchen.

    I've been very satisfied with both of these products.

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    Thanks everyone for the input! Glad to know I can safely purchase the oil/balsamic vinegar and not be disappointed.

    However! Please check your large bottles of "Bertolli" olive oil, and tell me if in fact it is Bertolli or if it is Berio! My bottle that I picked up over the weekend is "Philippe Berio" brand -- I did not see Bertolli!


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    My very Italian FIL swears by the Kirkland Sig XV Olive Oil.

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    I wish we had a costco here!!!!
    I get the Eden olive oil when on sale at the health food store...
    supposedly it had the best profile for squalene and monounsat. fat when prevention mag. tested it.
    but if I found 2 liters for $9.00, I"d snap it up in a minute...
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