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Thread: garlic powder equivalents??

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    Question garlic powder equivalents??

    I never use garlic powder......but I have run across several recipes that have called for garlic powder. What is it's equivalent in fresh garlic? One clove of fresh = 1 tsp?????

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    Beth, since dried herbs and seasonings are more concentrated in flavor I'd probably go with 2-3 fresh garlic cloves. Just my opinion, maybe someone has a source for equivalents that addresses this.
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    Gotta agree w/Peggy about the concentrated flavor (though, is there such a thing as too much garlic? ). I seem to recall reading some time ago that 1/4 tsp of powder is the equivalent of one clove of garlic.

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    Can't say I'd interchange powder for fresh or vice-versa. The tastes are simply too dissimilar for my palate.

    But if you must, here's what The Garlic Lover's Cookbook says:

    1 average-sized clove of fresh garlic= 1/8 teaspoon dehydrated, powdered, minced or chopped garlic


    1/2 teaspoon garlic salt. (Caution: when using garlic salt in recipes calling for fresh garlic, decrease the amount of salt called for.)

    It also says (in case anyone's interested) Powdered garlic is available commercially. (Duh!) When using powder in recipes with a high acid content, mix with water (Two parts water to one part powder) before adding. Powdered garlic can be made from fresh by slowly drying peeled garlic cloves in the oven. When very dry, pound or crush until fine and powdery. Pass through a sieve and pound any large pieces, then sieve again. Store in sealed jars in a dry place.

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    I have a jar of Trader Joe's granulated garlic (not garlic salt) and the label says 1/2 t = 1 clove garlic

    Hope this helps,

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