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Thread: How similar are butternut squash and sweet potatoes?

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    Question How similar are butternut squash and sweet potatoes?

    OK, so I just discovered that I really, really like butternut squash in savory dishes--thought it would make me gag, but I find it subtle-y addictive. A lot of recipes I've read that call for sweet potatoes look like butternut squash could be substituted with good results. The two times I've tried sweet potatoes I've wanted to be sick (too sweet!), but I'm really trying to branch out in terms of vegetable consumption. terms of flavor, how similar/dissimilar are these two veggies. If I like one, are the chances good that I'll like the other (I've grown up a bit since I last tried the taters). And if it turns out that I do indeed hate the sweet potatoes, is butternut squash a good substitute for it in at least some recipes (I'm thinking about sweet potato burritos from Moosewood for some reason).
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    My opinion: Yes, they are comparable substitutes.

    You might (as you suspect) find the sweet potatoes to be sweeter than the butternut squash... but then again, in some recipes the sweetness might be understated. But it might also be possible that you can ween yourself into liking the potatoes if you eat more of the squash...

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    I always sub butternut squash for sweet potatoes. It provides a similar, sweet-savory taste and texture, though it doesn't stay quite as firm as sweet potatoes in recipes that require a long cooking time.

    It's funny though. I love butternut squash (it's one of my favorite vegetables) but I abhor sweet potatoes. Eating more of the former has had no effect on my dislike for the other. Weird, I know.

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    I love 'em both, but definitely think that you could sub Butternut for Taters - the squash does have a more savory flavor, I agree. One of my favorite things to do with either (but esp. Butternut Squash) is chop it into 1 inch pieces, spray with cooking spray and season w/ pepper, and roast for 30 minutes at 450*. Delish!

    So, then I tried this with some extra sweet potato this last week, and it worked, too! I still like Butternut better, but ...

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