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Thread: Substitute for Sherry Wine

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    Question Substitute for Sherry Wine

    Can you tell me a good substitute for using Sherry in cooking?

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    I would use a white wine, or if you prefer not to have the alcohol, try a light fruit juice or broth, chicken or vegetable.

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    According to the Cook's Thesaurus (, you can substitute:

    "port OR Madeira OR Mirin OR red wine + 1 teaspoon sugar (per cup of wine) OR dry white wine (for cream soups and sauces, poultry, or game) OR dry vermouth (for cream soups and sauces, fish, or poultry) OR muscatel (for desserts, fruits, baked ham) OR small amount of vanilla extract OR coffee (when making baked goods with chocolate or nuts) OR fruit juice (when making baked goods with fruit)."

    This is a great site if you're looking for substitutes or if you've suddenly found you're out of a particular ingredient that you need.

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    CL's web site also offers substitution information. Check out:

    Good luck!

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