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Thread: help - substitute for chili paste

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    help - substitute for chili paste

    We have had no luck finding chili paste. Does anyone know how to make it? How many chilis do I blend with water or oil? What type of chilis?

    We are hoping to make this recipe this afternoon. Quick replies would be appreciated.

    Thank you

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    What recipe are you making? Is the chili paste just there for heat/flavor (in which case I think you could use whatever amount of homemade chili paste you want, or even just cayenne or chipotle powder), or does it play a more important role in the recipe?

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    I used garlic chile sauce that I found in the oriental food section for the recipe for noddles with peanut sauce

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    Kathy, this is certainly not a quick reply but perhaps this info. will be helpful to you in the future. Like you, I was on a mission to find the chili paste. None of the local grocery stores in our area carried it. I then decided to go to an oriental grocery store where the proprietor showed me "chili garlic sauce". I showed him the recipe and he assured me that they were the same. I purchased the Lee Kum Kee "Chili Garlic Sauce" and used it. Now when I am in the ethnic aisle in the grocery store I notice the chili garlic sauce. I also discovered that the sauce was significantly cheaper at oriental markets than in the grocery stores even though it was the same brand. Hope this helps!!

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    I used garlic chili sauce to make the Sechuan chicken with peanuts from about three months ago. It turned out great! My family loved it and it was not to hot but hot enough. So I amsureit would work for our recipe. Thanks for the tip on the price at the oriental stores Jan Belle! Next time I need some I will hit an oriental store!
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    Chile Paste

    I have noticed that at least two of the recipes in the May 02 issue call for it. I also have seen a variety of such pastes often sold as a special in the local Whole Foods Market. By the time I am ready to use some, the expariation date usually has long come and gone. To make it, I start with a couple tablespoons of tomato paste, add chile powder to taste and then some garlic powder. A'la Emril, it can be kicked up a notch or two with some ground hot red pepper or hot sauce. I used my home made version tonight in the Sichaun Style Stir-fried Chicken -- originally in the Jan/Feb 2001 issue. It tasted great, but next time, I will kick it up a whole lot.

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