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Thread: Non-reactive pans?

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    Non-reactive pans?

    Forgive this rather dumb question - I see a lot of recipes that specify cooking in a "non-reactive/non-aluminum" pan. Um, how am I supposed to know what my pans are made of? I have Calphalon non-stick cookware - I don't know which line exactly but the web site says their non-stick cookware is made from "hard anodized aluminum construction" with "sturdy non-stick coating." Does that mean that the non-stick stuff is covering up the aluminum, making it non-reactive/safe to use? Or could the non-stick coating have aluminum in it?

    What horrible fate befalls you if you use a "reactive" (aluminum) pan - does your food explode or something? I know its not that serious but how serious is it? I've been making a lot of jam lately and I see the "non-reactive" thing mentioned a lot in jam recipes - but I've been doing everything in the Calphalon non-stick pots and things seem to be OK - does that mean they are safe?

    Anyone have some insight on this topic?

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    peeps, the nonstick coating doesn't have any aluminum in it (or any other reactive metal).

    I don't have any experience with using "reactive" pans, so I can't really comment any further. I think it is just that some of the metal can react and get into the food and/or cause the pan to be damaged. nothing more serious than that.

    But anyway, I think you are perfectly safe with your Calphalon.

    I wonder what others have to say...

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    I'm so glad you checked in here Val but you know I was expecting some very detailed chemical explanation from you about what "reactive" means!

    I assume things are fine too, I mean there have certainly been a few questionable occurances in some of my pans but I am pretty sure those are due entirely to my cooking skills (or lack thereof) and not due to some "reaction."

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