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Thread: Filet mignon wrapped in bacon

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    Filet mignon wrapped in bacon

    Hi, everybody! DH's birthday's coming up, and he loves the "Rosie's filet" at the Lone Star (filet mignon wrapped in bacon). Any ideas on how to make this? I tried it once; wrapped the bacon around the meat and grilled; but the bacon was overdone before the meat was cooked. Should I wrap the bacon around the meat when the meat's about half done? Thanks!

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    I believe you should BEGIN with the bacon wrapped around the beef.

    Here's what I do -- and I generally don't have trouble with scorched bacon. You do want to watch them closely, however.

    Wrap them (top to bottom) in bacon. Generally, two pieces per filet.

    Broil the filets until the reach the doneness you like, around 8 minute for medium rare on a six ounce filet (if you delete the bacon, the cooking time will reduce), to ten for medium.

    If you prefer to do them in a skillet or on a stovetop grill, you might try this recipe (which is wonderful). You can do it with plain filets -- or with filets wrapped in bacon. Same instructions.

    Filet Mignon with Balsamic Vinegar Glaze

    2 6 oz. Filet Mignon
    3 tbl. balsamic vinegar
    2 tsp. chopped fresh rosemary
    3 tsp. olive oil
    1/3 cup chopped shallots
    salt and pepper

    Sprinkle steaks with salt and a generous amount of pepper.

    Rub 1 teaspoon oil over bottom of heavy medium skillet.

    Heat skillet over medium-high heat. Add steaks to skillet and cook to desired doneness, about 3 minutes per side for rare.

    Using tongs, transfer steaks to plate; tent with foil to keep warm.

    Add remaining two teaspoons oil to same skillet. Reduce heat to medium-low.

    Add shallots and rosemary and cook for 2 minutes, stirring occasionally.

    Add vinegar and cook until reduced to glaze, stirring up browned bits, about 1 minute.

    Mix in juice from plates with steaks.

    Spoon glaze over steaks and serve.
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