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Thread: Martha Stewart Recipes: Are they any good???

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    Martha Stewart Recipes: Are they any good???

    I know that there are good recipes and bad recipes from any source, but I saw a documentary on Martha Stewart not too long ago. They said that one of the obstacle she faced while building her empire was a critic who said that her recipes didn't "work." I've heard similar stories of her recipes, even now...

    I'm currently subscribed to Cooking Light, Bon Appetit, and Cooks Illustrated. I happened to grab Martha Stewart's "Living" off the shelf yesterday, and it looked really interesting. Some of her recipes looked really good.

    Besides the amazing looking recipes, the entire magazine was beautiful as well, and I was thinking of subscribing to it. But with 3 cooking magazines already, I hesitate to get another one. I would be especially annoyed if after having subscribed to it, I find that most of the recipes just don't "work."

    Anybody have any comments?? Anyone tried more than 5 of her recipes? Did you buy any books that turn out excellent/horrible recipes?


    Edit: Whooops! I meant to put this thread in the "Good food" column. Sorry if you read this twice!

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    I've tried plenty of her recipes, definitely more than five, but mostly just cookie recipes. It's been a while though, since then I've discovered this BB, and all the fabulous recipes everyone has to share here, so I haven't had much time for Martha.

    None of her recipes have become instantly part of my 'permanant collection,' if that's what you're asking.

    I have lots more fun with Fine Cooking, so if I had to pick a new food mag, I'd say definitely Fine Cooking over MS Living.
    (I do not have an interest in the non-food parts of MS Living, if you do, and enjoy crafty projects, you might like it.)
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    I subscribed to her magazine for a while (a year or two) -- it is a beautiful publication. I also have been given a few of her cookbooks as gifts over the years. I do make one of her recipes (for rigatoni and meatballs) quite often, but none of her other recipes that I've tried have ever really knocked my socks off. I'm not sure why, really. I enjoy CL and BA far more than I did her magazine, which I stopped subscribing to. I'm not a very "crafty" person, so I felt as though it were a waste of money.

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    I've always had great success with her recipes although many require lots of ingredients and steps which may scare off some. We love the meatloaf from the Meatloaf 101 article. I've also baked alot of her cookie recipes and recently made some great fish tacos from a recent issue.

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    = I have been getting MS magazine for about 5 yrs. now but will not renew when it runs out. I have made several recipes, a pork chops with thyme is one that comes to mind, her pie crust is another. The magazine is more of a slick catalog. Lots of ads.I enjoy the CL, pick up CI and Fine Cooking which are both full of good information.

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    I've tried her recipes from time to time and can't report any bad results although I do agree with some of the other posters, they can sometimes be fussy. I've got her 'Comfort Food' cookbook and I like that one primarily because the recipes are 'approachable'. I also subscribe to the mag and probably won't renew, one reason being that it's such an awkward size! I also don't find many of the articles all that relevant. I'm not about to make my own rick-rack or plant a shade garden in my backyard with 87 varieties of Jack-in-the-pulpit! I do appreciate Martha for setting a higher standard of domestic life but would probably get my Martha fix from now on either by purchasing her books or checking them out of the library. (I also think the products in her catalogs are way over priced.)

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