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Thread: Converting a cupcake recipe to a regular cake one

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    Question Converting a cupcake recipe to a regular cake one

    Hi, my name is Atsumi and I'm new here.

    I found a recipe for "Banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting" here. My son's second birthday is coming up and I want to make a 9X13" banana cake for him. Can anyone help me converting the recipe?

    Would it be possible to use whole wheat flour to make it healthier?

    I would really appreciate anyone's help! Thanks.

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    Hello, Atsumi. Welcome to the CL boards!

    How many cupcakes does the recipe make? If it makes 24 I would just leave it as is and bake it in the 9x13 pan. It would take longer to bake than the cupcakes and if the pan is glass you would lower the oven temperature.

    With most baking recipes I feel comfortable replacing half the all purpose flour with whole wheat flour.

    I hope I've helped.
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    Usually, 24 standard-sized cupcakes would equal 2 8- or 9-inch round layers or one 9- x 13-inch cake.

    Whole wheat flour will not make your cake much healthier. Any fiber or nutrition added will be in insignificant amounts. Unless used in large quantitues without any refined or white flour, most whole wheat and whole grain flours contribute only traces of fiber and nutrition. (Since white flour is enriched, it actually may have more vitamins.) In my opinion, the only advantage of using whole wheat flour in this recipe would be to provide a different texture and flavor.

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    Smile Thank You!!

    Thank you very much for your tips and help. I'm so ignorant about cooking and I appreciate that you didn't ignore my basic, dull questions!!


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