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Thread: Freezing Mayonnaise?

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    Freezing Mayonnaise?

    Strange question...can you freeze foods with mayonnaise in it? My sister had to cancel a dinner party due to illness and has a fair amount of spinach/artichoke dip left over. She wants to freeze it, but the dip is mainly made of mayonnaise and parmesan cheese and I recall reading somewhere that mayonnaise based foods should not be frozen. Anyone have any information for me? Thanks!

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    I have frozen this dip before baking it with no harm.
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    At first I thought that you wanted to freeze the mayo in the jar. Since it is in the recipe, and if it is already made, then there is no harm to freezing it to see what happens.

    I just looked this up:

    Can Hellmann's Mayonnaise or foods prepared with mayonnaise be frozen?

    Freezing mayonnaise will break down the emulsion and cause separation and other textural changes. Freezing dishes or sandwiches made with mayonnaise is not generally recommended. The results may not always be successful, depending on the type of recipe and the amount of mayonnaise used. However, baked goods prepared with mayonnaise as the shortening ingredient freeze well.

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