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Thread: How long can I keep smoked salmon?

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    How long can I keep smoked salmon?

    I purchased a hermetically sealed package of smoked salmon right before Christmas for a brunch I was going to have. I ended up having to postpone it due to the Christmas snowstorm, and it's rescheduled for this weekend. Do you think the salmon is still good? I know smoking acts as a preservative, but I don't know how long it might keep. As you know, smoked salmon is a little pricey, so I don't want to throw it out needlessly. TIA!

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    I have kept sealed smoked salmon for over six months past the "use by" date (don't ask...) without incident. It was moist, mild and absolutely delicious! You're fine for a couple of months at about Valentine's Day?
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    If it was vacuumed sealed it's probably still good. Once opened, though only about 2 weeks. At least that's what the guy told us when we bought ours...
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