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Thread: Healthy Snacks Presentation

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    Healthy Snacks Presentation

    My friend has volunteered to do a 60 minute presentation for 4-H on healthy snacks. The ages are 5-15 and she doesn't know how many children there will be. She was thinking of either playing some sort of game and/or having them make snacks. I know this is rather vague, but does anyone have any easy healthy snack recipes or games to play having to do with snacks, food, health...? Any other ideas would also beappreciated. TIA!

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    Mollie Katzen has two cookbooks for (young) children that might give you some ideas. One is called "Pretend Soup" and the other is something "Pretzels" I think. Lots of healthy and easy recipes for things like "Number Soup" which is cut up fruit in yogurt, "Green Spaghetti" which is spag. with homemade pesto and things like that. (see

    My children (ages 5 and 8) really enjoy a large poster I have of the food pyramid, and figuring out what "category" the food they are eating belongs to. Sorry I don't have anything more specific. It's a great project, though. I love the idea of teaching kids to eat healthy; it's so basic but really overlooked unfortunately in many families.

    As far as healthy snacks, I think if she emphasizes the fact that the closer to nature your snack comes from, the better it is for you, that could prompt a fun game in which they have to decide, which is going to be healthier, a handful of nuts or a handful of potato chips. Or an apple or a package of Pokemon "fruit snacks".

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    Cornell University Cooperative Extension does alot of work with 4-H in Niagara County, NY. They have a bunch of publications you can purchase (they aren't very expensive). This is the website:

    I would also recommend finding out if there is a WIC program (women, infant, child) in your area. My mother works as a nutritionist for WIC and is always bringing home brochures on healthy snacks for kids. They might be able to help you.

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