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Thread: Non-alcoholic substitution for dry sherry

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    Non-alcoholic substitution for dry sherry

    I am looking to make Lindrusso's cannelloni (sp?)with Goat cheese and walnuts. Can I substitute for or omit dry sherry?
    Or should I make her marinara, again substituting chicken stock for the white wine?
    Alysha or anyone else?


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    Here's what food subs had to say on the sherry sub:

    sherry = sack Notes: This fortified Spanish wine is typically served in small glasses before dinner, but many cooks also keep a bottle handy in the kitchen to perk up sauces, soups, and desserts. There are two categories of sherry: fino and oloroso. Fino sherry = Palma sherry is dry, fruity, and expensive. Examples of fino include the exquisite Manzanilla and the potent and nutty Amontillado. Oloroso sherry is more heavily fortified than fino. Examples include Amoroso and cream sherry, both of which are sweetened and especially popular in Britain. Once bottled, sherry doesn't age well, so you should plan to use it no more than a year or two after you buy it. Once opened, fino sherries should be consumed within a few days and stored in the refrigerator. Oloroso sherries can be stored a bit longer, say a week. Cooking sherry usually has added salt, and is shunned by more experienced cooks. Substitutes: Port OR Madeira OR Mirin OR red wine + 1 teaspoon sugar (per cup of wine) OR white wine (for cream soups and sauces, poultry, or game) OR dry vermouth (for cream soups and sauces, fish, or poultry) OR muscatel (for desserts, fruits, baked ham) OR vanilla extract (use much less) OR coffee (when making baked goods with chocolate or nuts) OR fruit juice (when making baked goods with fruit)


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    there are 2 things that i've used as a substitute, one is
    verjus or verjuice, which isn't all that eays to find, but is available. its an unfermented grape juice thats vinegarized..loved it
    I've also used orange juice with a balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar.
    for a 1/4 cup I'd use all orange juice except 2 tbsp.
    You will never get the texture change that you get using alcohol but you will get a nice flavor. cooking light had a great substitute list in an issue that used to be on the web site, I couldn't find it on a quick look, but will keep at it.

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    Thank you guys.
    When I searched for it, most places gave dry vermouth or rice wine(which I don't use either) and a few suggested vanilla (but I was skeptical about using it in a Tomato sauce)
    Also, I didnot know if "sherry" and "dry sherry" are that different because all these sites just said sherry.

    I will have to search for verjus now.
    Thank you very much.

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