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Thread: ISO: Not too sweet icing

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    ISO: Not too sweet icing

    I hate sweet icings, and have been searching for years for a recipe that isnt soooo sugary, but more creamy... something more like a whipped cream icing at a commercial bakery. Does anyone have any favorite recipes? If by chance they are also lightened in any way that would be great too! but definatly not necessary. Thanks in advance.

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    My mother's German buttercream is fabulous (but definitely not light!). I know exactly what you mean. Growing up with this stuff, the first time I had commercial icing my tongue practically curled right off in dismay.

    First, prepare a cornstarch pudding with

    2 cups milk

    as follows:

    Heat all but 1/2 cup of the milk in a medium saucepan, just until tiny bubbles form round the edges (scald it). Meanwhile, beat

    1/4 cup cornstarch
    2 Tbsp sugar

    into the remaining cold milk.

    Stir into the hot milk, and continue heating on medium-low, stirring gently but constantly and being sure to get into the corners of the pan. Cook until thickened. Stir in 1 tsp vanilla, pour into a bowl, press plastic wrap into the top (to keep a skin from forming) and cool to room temperature (don't refrigerate).


    1/2 lb butter

    in a large bowl, and allow to come to room temperature as the pudding cools. It's important both be the same temp. to prevent curdling (which doesn't affect the taste, but isn't so pretty).

    When ready, beat in

    2 tablespoons sugar

    until butter is light, fluffy and creamy. Add the pudding, spoon by spoon, beating as you do so. It will be smooth, fluffy and creamy. It can be tinted, if you like, and it pipes nicely. The flavour can be varied (one can use different extracts, or add cocoa to the pudding, or make mocha by beating in some instant coffee granules with the butter and sugar, and so on).

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