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Thread: how to tell if sesame oil is still good?

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    Question how to tell if sesame oil is still good?

    i have heard that sesame oil goes rancid quickly, but i don't really know how to tell if it has gone bad. i tasted and smelled it and nothing seems extremely bad about it.
    does anyone know if it will make you sick if you use rancid sesame oil?
    i used 1 Tbsp in a pork tenderloin marinade. would love any feedback. thanks


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    I can't tell you a surefire way to test your oil. However, I can offer these guidelines for storage, which might help you to determine whether or not your oil is still good.

    Sesame oil can be stored airtight in a cool, dark place for up to 3 months, refrigerated up to 6 months or frozen up to a year.
    (from THE FOOD LOVER'S COMPANION, 2nd edition, by Sharon Tyler Herbst.)

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    thanks lorilei - i think it is still ok judging by the storage times. guess i'll know for sure when we eat dinner tonight...


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    As a person who tends to keep things far longer than is probably prudent, I can tell you when something is rancid, you know it. I've kept sesame oil far longer than what the book recommends-- long enough for it to develop sediment on the bottom and take on a different aroma, but yours obviously hasn't made it to that point. Even if it had, I sincerely doubt you'd get sick from it-- you just wouldn't enjoy your food too terribly much.

    Not to worry. I'm sure your oil is fine.

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