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Thread: ISO: Flame resistant/retardant fabric

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    ISO: Flame resistant/retardant fabric

    Any sewers out there know where I can look for fabric to make children's pajamas? The pattern says to use fabric that "meets the Flammability Standards set by the U.S. Government," but I never see any fabric like that at the stores. If I do happen to find some all it has are baby prints.

    Or is there a liquid I can use to treat regular fabric to make it flame resistant? Am I just being anal?

    Thanks so much!

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    I'm not sure that I would really worry about it. How old is the child? How likely are they to burst into flame?

    I think I'd be more worried about a child sleeping in a chemical bathed pair of jammies than in plain flannel. Just make sure that you're using 100% cotton, and it should be okay.

    I think they have to say "Use flameproof" to prevent lawsuits from people who say, "I didn't know little Billy would catch on fire if we held matches up to his pajamas."

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