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Thread: Defrosted Ground Beef - how long 'til it's no good

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    Defrosted Ground Beef - how long 'til it's no good

    Hi All,

    I took some ground beef out of the freezer yesterday (Wednesday) morning with every intention of making meatloaf last night. Well, I wound up working late and deciding we had enough leftovers already in the fridge that I wanted to see go so I didn't make the meatloaf last night. I just got in from work tonight and since DH won't be home from class until 10 and will probably just make a sandwich for himself, I don't plan to make the meatloaf tonight either. Can I use it tomorrow night (Friday) after thawing on Wed and having it in the fridge all day today and tomorrow or will that be too late?



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    Hi Meg!

    I just had this exact same question a couple days ago (but I didn't post it on the BB). I ended up browning my ground beef the night before I needed to use the ground beef in my recipe. I didn't want to risk waiting an extra day. But in your case you don't need browned ground beef, so my solution won't help you.

    maybe someone can chime in with more help.


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    Stick it in a ziplock (in its packaging) and it'll be fine. I've thawed out meat and used it later many times.'s getting to be meatloaf weather here soon! (I hope!)

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    If it's been in the fridge the whole time, I'd think it is fine. When in doubt, I take comfort in what my nutrition professor said years ago -- if meat is bad enough that you really should not eat it, it will smell bad enough that you will not want to eat it.

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    Thanks All,

    I think I will go for it and make the meatloaf late afternoon tomorrow. Yes, this cool, dreary weather we've had in NJ this week has definitely been "meatloaf weather." Of course, tomorrow summer is supposed to return but that's okay, I'm looking forward to meatloaf anyway!

    Beth, you are so right. My sister recently had this experience with ground turkey - the smell was bad enough that she just knew they shouldn't eat it (even though it wasn't that old).

    Thanks again, everyone!

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