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Thread: Rinsing quinoa

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    Question Rinsing quinoa

    I know that you are supposed to rinse quinoa before cooking because it has a "natural insecticide" coating called saponin on it.

    I just prepared some quinoa from cooking and rinsed it in several changes of water. I didn't notice any change in the quinoa and the water never got cloudy. How do you know if you've rinsed it enough, and what happens if you haven't? Can it make you sick?



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    I don't know about the water--sometimes I notice it is a little cloudy but not opaque. I know it won't kill you not to rinse it--I have been known to forget and I am still here to talk about it.

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    I just read somewhere that sometimes quinoa is pre-rinsed before packaging (I think I read this in The Versatile Grain and The Elegant Bean) and you can check the label to see if it's already been rinsed. In that case, since no rinsing is necessary, you can toast the dry grain before cooking which enhances the flavor.

    Unfortunately, I bought my quinoa in bulk so I didn't have a package to check!

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    If you didn't rinse enough it would be bitter.

    The first time I used quinoa (in my 20's) I didn't KNOW you were supposed to rinse it...and I ate the whole batch...and I'm still here
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    Thanks all! My quinoa came from a bulk bin so I'm not sure if it's pre-washed or not. Good to know that even if I didn't rinse adequately, I'll still be here in the morning.

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    I am on a quinoa kick right now. Did you say you rinsed it "after" cooking? Because that would definitely not work! I buy my quinoa at Whole Foods from a brand called "Arrowhead Mill" and they do suggest rinsing it. But I never do it in several batches of water. I just put it in a fine mesh strainer and rinse it under cold running water for less than a minute.

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