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Thread: tombstone ideas?

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    Question tombstone ideas?


    DH and I are going all out for halloween this year and are working on getting the tombstone epithets for our front yard. You know, like

    here lies Reggie who refused eat his veggies
    RIP Big Bad Iriving the 2nd fastest gun in the west

    We went to Lowes and got the styrofoam and plywood today.
    You guys are so creative I know you'll have some ideas...


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    We did a few of these a couple of years ago. I kept drawing a blank for funny ones so I went searching the web. Here's a couple of sites we used...
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    How About: "I told you I was sick"

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    Thanks guys! I appreciate the links sneezles and very funny HejazSunKat. I did some searching too and finally came up with 12 for our graveyard. It was so hard fitting some of the long ones on there!

    I'm so excited about our decorations! I can't wait to get it all put up.

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    Okay, BeachBum, so what are you writing on your "tombstones"? Please share! And have a wonderful Halloween!

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    Sorry it took so long for me to respnd Barbara, I wasn't in front of the computer. I just can't wait till we can put them out. DH tried to tell me that Oct 1 wasn't too early.
    Here are the ones we decided to use:

    RIP- Ted N. Buried

    Ezekiel Aikle- Age 105 The Good Die Young

    Henry Blake
    He stepped on the gas
    insted of the brake

    Here lies the Pilsbury Dough Boy
    He will rise again

    Polly choked on a cracker


    Food for worms

    Yul B. Next

    I made an Ash of myself

    Fester N. Rott

    Grim Death took me without any warning
    I was well at night
    and dead in the morning

    Here lies the body of Brother Hyde
    We laid him here
    because he died

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    Originally posted by BeachBum
    I just can't wait till we can put them out. DH tried to tell me that Oct 1 wasn't too early.
    The people next door to us have theirs out already.

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    Can you tell me how you made your tombstones? We wanted to make a cemetary in our front yard this year, but we are sure how to do the tombstones! I would really appreciate any tips you can pass along. Halloween is our favorite holiday, and this will be our first in our new house!

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    We haven't finished them yet CrystalB, but if what we're doing doesn't work I'll report back. So far, we purchased sheets of styrofoam at Lowes, and used a box cutter and serrated saw to cut tombstone shapes. We got 2 per sheet.
    Then we used a cheap wood burning tool (wal mart $10) to put the sayings on the tombstones. The tool melted an indention into the styrofoam making the letters deep. This is all we've done so far.

    Next we will spray paint them with a combo of black (on the writing) gray all over, and dark green for accent. You must use floral spray paint (can be purchased at Michaels et al) because regular eats the styrofoam. Then we will poke some wire in the back and into the ground to keep them from blowing away.

    Good Luck, and please post a picture if you do make a graveyard!

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