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Thread: Question re: sour cream expiration date

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    Question re: sour cream expiration date

    I have an unopened pint of sour cream in my refrigerator with the expiration date of 11/24/03. I would like to use it, but I do not have plans to make anything using sour cream until Thanksgiving Day. Do you think it would be safe to use it three days past it's expiration date, or should I toss it and buy some new sour cream?
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    Dairy products--especially if they're unopened--I use without regard to their expiration date. Once they obviously go over--once milk sours, or sour cream starts to grow mold--then out they go, but if they smell and taste okay, I go ahead and use them. But that's just me. The other morning I had a yogurt for breakfast and DBF happened to see the expiration date, which was mid-October--he kept watching me like he expected me to keel over any minute. As long as it looks and smells okay when you open it, I'd go ahead and use it.

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    I keep sour cream around open for long periods of time. I tend to buy it when it's on sale or forget that I already have some at home. Thus, to my DH's dismay, we have 3 containers of sour cream in the fridge right now. One open and 2 closed. I have used them past the expiration date with no problems. When it goes bad, you will certainly know! It should be fine for a couple of days.

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    I think that if it is bad you will know it. Regardless of the date. The other day I went to give my daughter a yogurt. The expiration date is Dec 14th. But when I opened it - it was sooooooo bad.


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    ...if it has an irregular pulse, throw it out. I've kept (and eaten) dairy products waaaaay past their use-by dates and we're just fine. If anyone questions you, tell 'em it's a science project!
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    Originally posted by MrsReber
    Thus, to my DH's dismay, we have 3 containers of sour cream in the fridge right now.
    At least yours is in the fridge where it belongs. To MY dismay, I came home to find that DH had left a NEW container on the kitchen table all day. So now we have none.


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    I'll bet it'll be just fine. Keep in mind that those "expiration" dates are not expiration dates at all; they are approximate and practically arbitrary. Usually (though this is not regulated) they are "pull" dates - when the grocery takes them off the shelf. As everyone else has said, if it looks/smells good - use it. If it's off - don't. Regardless of what's stamped on the container.

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    I agree with everyone else -- with dairy, you'll know if it's bad. I always forget I have them buried in the back of the frig too -- and when I discover a handful of unused containers, it's dip time!

    Slightly off topic ... one of the frugal ideas that I REFUSE to do (just seems gross) ... people freeze milk (buy a lot when on sale or at end of day when grocery stores mark down) and drink whenever. One poster (another BB), said it DOES split, but they just shake it up and drink it. Yuk!

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    I once used some yogurt that expired in April in...uh...July

    It was perfectly fine!

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    Just last week I used an unopened container of sour cream that had an expiration date in September. Another thing I did this month that I'm actually embarrassed of...I used an unopened package of cream cheese that expired in MARCH! It was that or not make the recipe. It smelled and looked just fine. After the cream cheese incident I was actually thinking of starting a thread asking what the most "iffy" product you used was. I, like others it seems, use old dairy products if they smell and look fine.

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    Normally I wouldn't touch anything if it went past its expiry date...milk, sour cream..whatever. Then there is my Dad who says "Sour cream can't have an expiry date. It's already sour!" Well, the other day I wanted to make a recipe with whipping cream and the one I had unopened in my fridge expired at the beginning of November. Having just read this post, I got brave and tested it out. It was perfectly fine! I'm converted.

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