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Thread: What is Milnot? Evaporated Milk?

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    Milnot is evaporated milk. My DHs grandmother used to swear by it!...She did everything from whipping it when she did not have cream to whip to just using it in recipes. What are you making?

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    and the website is

    From the website:

    When we make Milnot we don't take any shortcuts. We know we're creating something very special to be enjoyed by our own families and friends as well
    as yours. Most of the folks who work here share fond childhood memories of warm kitchens filled with delicious aromas and Milnot, always close-at-hand, on the counter or in the cupboard.

    That's why we're so very careful about everything that goes into Milnot, and why we begin with with only the highest-grade fresh dairy milk. Then, following our special recipe and process, we create a product that's even more healthy and convenient than fresh milk to store and use.

    Milnot's velvety-smooth texture blends easily, and it's subtle flavor always complements the taste of the other ingredients in your favorite recipes.

    So, when you cook with Milnot, your main courses, drinks, and desserts are more flavorful, smoother, creamier and richer tasting. And one of the nicest benefits is Milnot is cholesterol free.
    I was surprised to see that it's cholesterol free.

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    It is used in an old recipe for chocolate frosting.

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