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Thread: Uses for oat flour?

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    Uses for oat flour?

    I bought some oat flour by mistake. I realized when I got home I was looking for oat bran to use in some bread recipes. Any ideas how I can use oat flour? I found a few recipes on the King Arthur website, but would like some additional ideas. To all you breadmakers out there, could I sub some of this for either white or wheat flour?

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    I was always under the impression that you could substitute that type of flour for white flour, so I checked and here's what I found:

    (also, I think subbing oat flour, like when you sub any type of flour, just changed the density and flavour slightly of baked goods...)

    How To Substitute For Flour

    To make a standard recipe free of white flour, substitute one of the follow:

    1- 3/8 cups barley flour for 1 cup white flour
    1 cup corn flour for 1 cup white flour
    7/8 cup corn meal for each cup white flour
    3/8 cup potato flour for 1 cup of white flour
    7/8 cup rice flour for each cup of white flour
    1 cup rye meal for 1 cup white flour
    1-1/2 cups ground rolled oats or 1 cup oat flour for 1 cup white flour
    1 cup whole wheat flour for 1 cup white flour.

    1 cup of wheat flour equals...

    7/8 cup amaranth
    7/8 cup garbanzo bean
    7/8 cup chickpea (garbanzo)
    3/4 cup corn flour
    1 cup cornmeal
    3/4 cup millet flour
    3/4 cup oat flour
    5/8 cup potato flour
    3/4 cup potato starch
    7/8 cup rice flour
    3/4 cup soy flour

    Important - Always use a double portion of baking powder with dark flour. Recipes when converting a white flour recipe to a dark flour. Average use is 2.5 tsp. baking powder to each cut of flour.

    Substitution of various flour for white flour recipes gives new and exciting flavors. Corn flour thickens sauces better than cornstarch and may be used in the same proportions as white flour. It also combines well with other flours in making muffins.

    editing to add the foodsubs page link: TaDa!

    and this: oat flour (This is especially good in quick breads and cookies. It makes baked goods moister, chewier, and more crumbly. Contains some gluten.)
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    Thanks Kayla, and thanks for the link. I was wondering how you found that. I think I will try some oat flour in some muffins in the morning.

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