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Thread: Freezing Flan?

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    Freezing Flan?

    Has anyone ever tried to freeze flan? Successfully? Is it possible without ruining the texture? I am very interested in making the "Flan de Queso" from the May 1999 issue. It's a little different in that it uses cream cheese for a cheescake-like twist. It makes 2 8" pans, though (far more than I need to eat)!! I want to make/have one and "save" one by freezing it. Have suggestions?


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    My guess would be no. I think the texture will suffer & that as it thaws fluid will leak out. I don't believe puddings or egg-y things freeze well. But... I've never tried it either. If it were me I'd cut the recipe in half instead. Or consider it a science experiment & try it (with a backup plan) if it doesn't survive well.

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